Edible Erotica is a lovers’ romp in a culinary wonderland

Recipes to seduce and entice, grabbing aphrodisiacs and fusing them to superb dishes, cocktails to shake and share, breakfasts to bring lust and romance to every morning. This is a master class (or mistress class!) in erotic cookery.

The recipes unfold with the seasons and are presented with essential hints to highlight the desire and set the scene for some steamy after eating adventures. Here food is the passion, arousing every sense.

Food is an entirely sensuous pleasure: erotic, provocative and lusty.
Let’s cook, eat, drink, make love and, above everything else - have fun...

This Month’s Highlight Cocktail

Lusty pink gin & tonic

Setting the scene:

Wanda and Roqué loved that special time when they arrived home together, time to relax, share stories of the day, a hug and that special drink. Gin & tonic was always a favourite but Roqué wanted the best for his lady. He selected large glasses, Pinkster’s pink gin, Fever-Tree pink Aromatic tonic, some raspberries grown in their garden then frozen and rosemary. Wanda loved the aroma of this herb and with Astrud Gilberto singing Girl from Ipanema gently in the background, the pink glow of dusk and oh those hand-cuffs she couldn’t help writing him a special message on the lantern with her sexy pink lipstick…

For 2 lovers

Get on with it…

Big glasses are always best for the perfect G & T. They expand the aroma. Prepare some frozen raspberries and some crushed ice. Into each glass pop a dozen frozen raspberries, pour over one generous measure of Pinkster gin (or your own favourite) splash in plenty of Fever-Tree aromatic pink tonic water, – it’s a blend of South American angostura bark with cardamom, pimento berry and ginger to create Wanda’s very favourite tonic. Finally spoon in a heap of crushed ice and a fresh sprig of Rosemary. Serve this sensuous pink delight by candle light. Sip gently taking in the delicious aroma of Rosemary (!) and open the doors to the fun zone…

Feed the Desire

Rosemary is known for its intoxicating aroma and used to be worn at weddings to express sexuality. The properties of rosemary oil make it an excellent physical stimulant. Apparently rubbed on the skin in erogenous zones it can speed up erections and orgasms so forget the roast lamb – bring on the oil!

And so to complete this month's menu...


Starter for 2 lovers


Main course for 2 lovers


Dessert for 2 lovers


Breakfast for 2 lovers

Food photography and digital manipulation by Helen Ives